I grew up as a classical musician, vocal artist, and performer. I received a scholarship from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and graduated in 2007. I have been a mover and yogi since my time in NYC and officially gained my RYT 200 certification in spring of 2019. I continue my yoga & therapy education toward her 300HR with courses that include: somatic therapy, yoga nidra, mindfulness meditation, trauma-informed training, and most recently a masterclass on the vagus nerve. Her approach to her teaching comes from a somatic and therapeutic lens; I identify my coaching and practice as "embodiment" work. We acknowledge the bodies intelligence and incorporate it into the work.


Soon after becoming certified, I  started teaching yoga publicly and privately. I have taught/teach at Asheville Yoga Center, West Asheville Yoga, Ocracoke Island Yoga, and I have various private clients and accounts with corporations. I regularly collaborate with Many Moons Counseling to offer somatic workshop experiences as well as various sound/movement offerings.

I am also a sound practitioner with a classical and vocal background. I use traditional over tone-emitting instruments as well as my voice and cello in this work.

My unique use of cello adds another lush layer to the soundscapes I create for this therapeutic experience.

In my sound meditation work, I use my classical background as well as sound teachings from the Himalayan Sound Academy, Alexandre Tannous, Randall McClellan, and Acutonis via DahVid Weiss. I regularly facilitate sound meditations for the public, private groups, and corporate sessions both in person and virtually.

For virtual experiences I utilize a binaural microphone so participants get the sound experience as if they're in the room. You can read more about this technology here. 

As an embodiment coach, Brooke supports clients in gentle yet profound process. She incorporates her teachings of yoga, somatic intelligence, mindful living, sound work, trauma-informed training, and intuition to create a supportive and loving container for each individual. She guides clients toward self-empowerment through connecting to the body and mindfully engagin with self to find aligned goals.

I share all of my work through private sessions, workshops, festivals, art gatherings, and yoga studios/classes.


My "Paper" or Accreditation

Clients & Partners

  • Graduate of The The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts - (NYC)

  • Feldenkrias ‘Awareness Through Movement’ (ATM Course) - Connie Rotunda

  • ‘Art of Being’ Course - Many Moons Counseling

  • Certified Yoga Teacher - AYC (RYT 200)

  • ‘Free Flow Yoga’ Intensive Workshop - Angela Farmer

  • The Awakenings of Sound Meditation via Dr. Alexandre Tannous

  • The Healing Forces of Music’ - Dr. Randall McClellan

  • The 'Vagus Nerve MasterClass' - Jessica Maguire (Physiotherapist)

  • Reiki Level 1 - Lucia Maya (Usui/Tibetan)

  • Level 1 Certification for Sound Healing - Himalayan Academy of Sound Healing

  • Continued RYT 300HR Training:

    • Somatic Therapy Intro (Many Moons Counseling via AYC)

    • ACT Mindfully Course (Many Moons Counseling via AYC)

    • "Yoga, Mindfulness, and Psychology for Mental Health" - (Maeve Hendrix via  AYC)

    • Yoga Nidra (Indu Arora via AYC)

    • Trauma-Informed Teaching (LAP)

    • Equity Training (LAP)

    • Yin Module (Shala Worsley via AYC)

    • Introduction into Chakra Alignment (Three Queens Yoga, NYC)


Participated in 2019 Festival with cello sound offerings

Asheville Yoga Festival

SAP SuccessFactors

Regular corporate client for sound meditations

Many Moon Therapeutics

Continual collaborator with sound work in yoga classes and various workshops

Claire Bilbao

Expressive Arts Therapist, Eco-Therapist, and Intuitive Healer