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“The intelligence of the body is a sacred tool that we must remember to connect to. 

The body’s gut is our intuition’s compass, and it needs to be understood, seen, and heard.”

My journey with yoga and mindful living started in NYC just over 12 years ago when I walked into my first yoga class ever. I had grown up as a mover, as a dancer, as a musician, but I knew nothing of the world of yoga. "It's a flow workout, right?"

That day, we started with some pranayama, did a vinyasa flow, and moved into savasana. While I was laying there on my back, eyes closed, I had what some may call a "download". With my body and mind so soft, I felt something in my chest crack open, and I began to weep.

Oh, and I wept, and I wept, and I wept. Tears streamed down my face to the floor as my body blossomed open-ready to receive. Somewhere deep down, a light turned on. And it was there and then, that I knew that I had found something powerful that I needed to follow and to explore. This hour of mindfulness had left me changed.

I started attending yoga religiously, and while my dedication to yoga practice changed my life, it served as a life line-not a way of life. For years, it was my escape that helped me be strong "in the real world". It was a space where I could step away, or ignore, the ickiness of life and bathe in that "feel good" feeling.

It wasn’t until after I moved to Asheville, NC in 2012 that my way of yoga was seriously challenged and a major shift began. I started to uncover what mindful practice, and living, truly meant. 

I started branching out from just vinyasa flow classes. Various teachers and their teachings challenged me in ways I had never been before. My heart and mind opened to what it meant to be mindful, to be curious, to be compassionate, to live a yogic life. My yoga discipline began to morph and a new relationship with myself began to unfold.  This new kind of practice allowed me to peel back thick layers of hurt, mistrust, anger, sadness, joy, unworthiness, doubt....and open up to the cavern within myself where the bright light of "who Brooke is" shone. Yoga became my life, both on and off the mat.

It was during these times that I started a daily meditation practice, journaling, and taking workshops geared toward expressive arts practices, embodiment, and somatic movement. I also began to explore and shift my perspective of music, or "sound" and its effects on the brain's functions and the body's trauma. I became fueled by curiosity. I embraced discovery. I studied the profound relation between psychology and the habits of the body; exploring how re-patterning the nervous system can enable us to live a more conscious existence.

As I dug deeper toward understanding and awakening my body’s intelligence, my intuition gained clarity and I gained confidence in who I was. It became clear to me that I had found a potent key toward a "free life" or “an embodied life”. My studies and exploration of how mindful practices empower us toward our highest self- became my anthem.

I finally gave into a long time call and applied for YTT, and I became certified in May 2019. I then began teaching to the public and at various private studios while continuing my RYT 300 education. I also brought my sound work to festivals, meditations, and studios for yoga classes. I began to trust myself and share myself. I began to thrive in ways I hadn't known before.

My work and offering as a yoga teacher is a yoga practice of self-exploration and embodiment. I orchestrate flows that allow space and time for students to embrace themselves, to sharpen their curiosity, and thread together mind, body, and breath.

This work of yoga, or embodiment, is a dedication toward self-inquiry and self-love. It is about developing flexibility and resiliency of both body and mind. It's about tending to yourself form a place of awareness and compassion. Yoga is a life choice. It's a practice meant for both on our mats and in our daily lives.​ It is an honor to share this work with all of you.


What People are Saying

Brooke German is one of the most gifted and talented Yoga instructors I have had the pleasure of practicing with. You quickly discover not only her knowledge and passion for the practice of Yoga, but the guidance and nurturing she provides for her students in their practice as well. An added bonus at the end of practice is sometimes the infusion of music. From the start of class until the finish you feel as if you are on this wonderful journey, and in fact you are. I really enjoy and look forward to her classes and would highly recommend you to try one!

- Henry Watts


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