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Brooke's Story: About

“The wisdom that lays  ungry intuition serves as a compass, and it needs to be understood, seen, and heard.”


Hello! Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m Brooke!

I'm many things in this life: a yoga teacher, sound worker, intuitive coach, writer, wife, child of nature! and a fierce femme. My work is about healing through connection, and is rooted in curiosity, cultivating deep self-love, bridging body & soul, and recognizing that we are already enough.

My heart's mission is to support others as they reclaim relationship to themselves, integrate their stories, and cultivate ways to nourish & flourish body & being so they live in synchronicity with their heart's purpose.


I truly believe that our hardship and illness as a human species stems from a deep hurt of disconnection from ourselves and mother earth.  


The core of my work is welcoming the whole body - energetic, subtle, and physical - into our quest for cause, clarity, health, and healing. When we are in tune with ourselves, we understand what our needs are. We uncover forgotten stories in the body, and we find ways to nurture, empower, and live a life that supports who we are. 


My work weaves together my many years of yoga education, somatic experiencing, intuitive coaching, energy work, and sound work to invite folx back to a place of deep self-love, health, and kinship with who they are.

unearthed this work out of my own journey and need for healing, connection, and uncovering my dharma (purpose). For many years, I was an actor and voice artist here in the Southeast. And while my work supported me in many ways, I felt a deep disconnection from in life, in my body, and being. Even my physical body- plagued by digestive issues, depression, and anxiety- was whispering for me for awaken, to listen, and to shift.


I finally answered this call, and began a great quest of inquiry and cultivation of who I was and what I needed. I spent years elevating my practice, attending trainings, and self-excavation to step more deeply into who I am. And while I had many wise teachers and wonderful guides... 

my two biggest teachers were: the ancient wisdom of my body and the teachings of this earth (nature). 

My own journey showed me that we all know, somewhere buried within, the way back home to ourselves. I am only here as a reminder and guide, to support you on your journey toward your own health, harmony, and dharma.

I offer this work for those ready to dive deep, to reclaim their voice (intuition), and heal through connection to their core self, allowing them 

greater cause, clarity, and connection to themselves, the world, and their beautiful part in it.

If you appreciate labels...voila!


  • She/her

  • Yoga & Somatic teacher

  • Sound & Meditation Facilitator

  • Wellness Advocate

  • Feminine Guide

  • Racial Justice Ally

  • Musician

  • Writer & Journal Facilitator

  • Performing artist

  • Child of nature

  • Wife

  • Astrology enthusiast 




Because it has brought me connection, freedom; it brought me home to myself.

This isn't work for me, it's my calling. 

I realized that my service to the world is holding space and guidance for those brave enough to seek mindful change through healing & self-awareness.


"An old soul with a child's spirit combined with the wisdom of ancient roots: that's Brooke German."

  • A 1:1 session to relax, heal, and connect to body & mind

    95 US dollars
  • Perfect for group settings and can take place in-person or virtual

    $75 Starting Price
  • $75

    75 US dollars
  • Life coaching to deepen self-connection & uncover clarity & cause

    95 US dollars
Brooke's Story: Testimonials
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