“The intelligence of the body is a sacred tool that we must remember to connect to. 

The body’s gut is our intuition’s compass, and it needs to be understood, seen, and heard.”

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself...

I am a creative soul and facilitator who shares the 'art of allowing' through embodied arts and mindful practices.

I am a guide and support for individuals as they uncover a relationship to themselves and come back home to their nature.

Forever a student, I'm devoted to my work and passionate about sharing this journey of self-discovery and finding belonging in body and spirit.

If you appreciate labels...voila!


  • She/her

  • Yoga & Somatic teacher

  • Sound & Meditation Facilitator

  • Space holder

  • Musician

  • Writer & Journal Facilitator

  • Creative

  • Wife

  • Astrology enthusiast 

My Story
I grew up as a performer/musician and a child nurtured by nature.

From a young age, I felt the power of intuition and the intelligence of the body. However, I did not have guidance on how to connect and harness the power of these innate gifts.


In the absence of direction and encouragement, I grew distant from myself. I over-ate to compensate and to process emotions. I disowned my body-and sexuality- and my spirit dwindled. Over the years, I burrowed into a hole of self-doubt and uncertainty.

This self-doubt peeked in 2006 while in acting school in NYC. Finally, out of sheer desperation and loss, I went to a yoga class. During savasana I knew I had found something sacred, and I began a slow and profound journey of coming back home to myself guided by the teachings of Feldenkrais and the 8 Limbs of Yoga.


My desperation slowly melted away as my practice grew. My self-doubt shifted into devotion as I realized that dedication to my "practice" was a dedication to self.

I continued my devotion toward my practice and self-discovery, namely to yoga and the medicine of journaling - until moving to the Southeast in 2012.

It was then I began to deeply explore and dive into workshops, teachings, and trainings of expressive art methods, somatic awareness/therapy, embodied practices, and the therapeutic power of sound.

My personal healing and release went even deeper as I released instilled ideas of body image, worth, and stepped into a fuller understanding of yoga and self.  I began to understand the true power of the mind-body connection, and how hard inquiry and full expression is key to self-connection.

This invited me to blossom and welcome whole self; my powerful, unique, sun-shining, gifts.

In spring 2019, I became officially RYT certified and began my journey of teaching, workshop collaboration, and coaching.

"I believe in the power of embodied living, and 

I am a devoted to the healing power of the arts."

I love to...

  • PLAY. "Never loose your childish enthusiasm. This sparks my love for curiosity.

  • NATURE! My husband and I camp, paddle, walk, surf, hike, PLAY in nature constantly. It feeds my whole being.

  • MUSIC. I love to watch and play music. I truly believe music heals and soothes mind/body.

  • CONNECTION. I AM AN INNATE CONNECTOR. I love to listen, learn, and find deep kinship with others

  • COOK! Food brings people together, and it's a sensual delicious experience - who doesn't love that?!

  • READ & WRITE. I have been an avid reader and journal since I was young. This invited me to train and become a journal facilitator to share this work with others.


Because it has changed my life.

It brought me freedom, and brought me to myself.

This isn't work for me, it's my calling. 

This "work" energizes me and weaves together my gifts, education, and spirit.

For years, I deeply desired and hunted for a career that married my passions, education, and gifts.

I finally uncovered my aligned "career" when I answered my own deep need for self-discovery, healing, empowerment, and growth.

I realized that my service to the world is holding space, offering loving support, and guidance to folx who seeking self-inquiry, healing, and mindful change.


"An old soul with a child's spirit combined with the wisdom of ancient roots: that's Brooke German."

My Message

​"My work as a yoga teacher and embodiment coach, is to facilitate awareness, inquiry, and observation. These acts of mindful action allow individuals discovery toward their innate gifts and in return they often blossom towards personal growth. My offerings allow space and time for clients/students to embrace themselves, to sharpen their curiosity, and thread together mind, body, and breath.

This work of embodied practice is a dedication toward self-inquiry, self-love, and personal growth. It is about developing flexibility and resiliency of both body and mind, so we may move through life from a place of centeredness, authenticity, and compassion. It's about tending to yourself from a place of awareness and compassion.

It can be tough, but it's rewarding work. And the more devotion we offer ourselves to this mindful work, the more innate these life changing qualities become to our being."

~ It is an honor to share this work with all of you ~