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I would be honored to support you on your journey...


Here is what working together looks like:

"Embodiment is how we befriend ourselves

and deepen our experience of this journey we call life."



My essence as a coach is gentle, yet powerful. My role is to invite inquiry, to nurture and guide as you connect to your own innate wisdom.

I hold loving space for you during moments of vulnerability and provide a foundation of support as you navigate self-exploration to develop a deep and trusting relationship to your body and self.

My style to this work is body-centered; we focus on developing awareness of what's happening in the body. The body is key indicator of what needs nurturing and how we may support ourselves toward healing and mindful living.


Cultivating a deep felt SENSE and connection to what's happening in your vessel via observation, breath, and movement, will empower you toward knowing your true self and alignment with your intuition.

Crossed Arms

"Just being in Brooke's presence activates movement in spirit. Her energy is very vibrant and genuinely inviting After our sessions, I feel much more connected to my true self and less connected to my doubts. I appreciate her customized, tangible, & optional, homework suggestions"

Each of our sessions is unique and focuses on your specific needs. Rooted in my trainings in life-coaching, trauma-informed practices, yogic principles, journal therapy, somatic experiencing, and my intuition - I guide you as we create a safe space for you to explore, uncover, and bring attention to the body inviting growth & transformation from within
After deep discovery, we partner up and mindfully formulate practices/goals that support your healing journey, your true self, and life desires/goals. This type of work cultivates ways of being and caring for yourself - and for others -from a place of authenticity. It provides transformation, structure, and deep growth that clients are seeking in life.


  • You're going through a major life transition and need tender support

  • If you're seeking to connect to yourself & spirit

  • Needing to free your voice to boost self confidence in life, at work, in relationships

  • An artist or creative that's feeling blocked, "dried up" or seeking inspiration 

  • Needing to connect to your body and awaken your senses

  • Wanting to develop a spiritual or mindful practice to deepen conscious living

  • Seeking purpose and a life you love

"This is how we uncover deep rooted desires, or blockages, and allow major life shifts; by connecting to the body so we may release old patterns and create space for transformation."

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Brooke’s background also includes continual study, practice, and training in trauma-informed teaching, somatic & mindful movement, and sound healing.

Brooke is currently enrolled in a master class course for 'Embodied Astrology' & will be enrolled at the Somatic Experience Institute starting in May.

Studying at Home

Are you ready to  to empower yourself through self-connection?

Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call to see if we are a match!

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