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"Brooke German is one of the most gifted and talented Yoga instructors I have had the pleasure of practicing with. You quickly discover not only her knowledge and passion for the practice of Yoga, but the guidance and nurturing she provides for her students in their practice as well. She is very clear and easy to understand with instructions for the various poses. An added bonus at
the end of practice is sometimes the infusion of Music. From the start of class until the finish you feel as if you are on this wonderful journey, and in fact you are. I really enjoy and look forward to her classes and would highly recommend you to try one!" 

                                                  - Henry W.

"My soul was thirsty to connect with other women. Brooke's nurturing and empowering presence facilitated a truly healing experience. Brooke has a gift for connecting the spiritual with the practical, allowing me to take the magic and integrate it in my daily life. Thank you, Brooke for leading us and gifting us with a deeper connection to souls and bodies"

                                         - Katherine N.

"The first class I ever took with Brooke German, I knew she was an out-of-the-ordinary yoga teacher.  For one thing, she had no ego about her.  She was not only smart and capable, but she had a way of genuine connection with each student in the class.  It wasn't so much as what she said. In fact, she has a quiet, gentle spirit about her.  But it was in the way she made eye contact. The way she watched without interfering in anyone's practice.  The way you felt her inner happiness and genuine love of yoga come through through her smile, her deep brown eyes, her love of music, and her ability to share on an equal level with everyone in the class. I came out of the gentle restorative class, and I knew, after years of taking yoga from the best of teachers, that she was already one of them despite her youth.  An old soul with a child's spirit combined with the wisdom of ancient roots: that's Brooke German."

                                                 - Lorraine L.

"Brooke is the most incredible facilitator.  I feel so seen and loved and encouraged in her presence."
                                - Claire B.

"Brooke's journaling workshop helped me discover parts of myself that have been buried under the weight of fear for a long time and I was then guided to help those parts come out to play! I am so grateful for Brooke's wisdom, insight and guidance."

                              - Maeve H.

"Not only is Brooke a phenomenal and intuitive musician, she also holds space masterfully, allowing participants to fully relax into the experience. What is even more impressive to me is that she is able to hold this space equally as well whether in person or virtually. She has a lovely ability to craft a shared experience via sound while still allowing room for each participant to embark on individual journeys inward. If you're looking for ways to nurture your spirit and relax into rejuvenation, this is it!"

                                            - Nicole R.

Thank you, Brooke, for this lovely, helpful, well-prepared/researched, heartfelt presentation. I was also able to make discoveries about the process and myself through your prompts and guidance. I was especially glad to see that you recommended re-reading journal entries. Sometimes I go back a week, a month, a year or even 10 years, and see how I've changed and grown, and where I'm still stuck (at age 65). Thank you again. Your presence shines through Zoom!

                                             - Deborah L.

"I was inspired and enlightened by Brooke's guidance. She is so open with her own journey. I've been wanting to journal and write more in general. This was exactly what I needed to get started in extending and expanding my creativity." - Callen V.

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