Private Classes

Take place in the comfort of your home or virtually

1 Hour



*Please add $25 for each additional person

75-90 Minutes



*Please add $25 for each additional person


4 SESSIONS for $250


*For new clients only. Each session 1 hour


Types of Private Yoga Sessions:


Restorative & Yin

To rest is to allow deep restoration.

With this practice, poses will be held in length with supportive props to encourage opening and allow release for the musculature body. Soft pranayama allows the mind to quiet and the body full relaxation. This type of work invites therapeutic benefits to the body including better sleep, muscular release, digestion, stress, and general well being.

*ideal for beginners, elderly, expecting mothers, elderly, and advanced yogis.


This practice focuses on alignment, strengthening poses, particularly the core, and offers more vigorous pranayama. Each session focuses on understanding the mechanics of the body and how that enhances our flow.

*ideal for those seeking a class that brings heat, strengthening, and a challenge. Can be curated for beginners or advanced yogis.

Mindful Flow

This practice honors the bodies intelligence. With a somatic approach, this work is about mindful exploration in each pose with conscious transitions. This tends to be a more gentle practice, where the breath is the "orchestrator" and leader in the dance.

This is a great offering those who wish to dive into a deeper practice and explore the intricacies of the subtle body.

*ideal for those looking to deepen their practice, creatives, and those seeking a therapeutic yoga approach.


Reach out to Brooke directly HERE with any questions about private classes, group, or corporate yoga.