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Coaching Packages

Below are coaching packages that I offer for individuals seeking support and guidance toward self-renewal and healing. I ask that you please look over my coaching style and 'about me' before booking to ensure we are a good fit. 

Upon booking, I'll send an intake form so we are better "acquainted" before our first session.

30 Minute Session $55

If you know you're in need of change, but you're feeling hesitant about "committing" this is an option for you to dip your toe in these waters of discovery. I only offer this ONCE to each client. This work takes commitment, and after the first session, you'll know if you're ready or not.

4 Session Package $350

This is a great introductory package to start a practice toward self-renewal and discovery. This month long commitment gives us a beautiful foundation to establish needs, desires, and goals for inner growth. 

1 60 Minute Session $85

If you're newer to coaching and wanting to take sessions at a slower pace, this is a great option for you. These session are meant for a monthly check-in.

 8 Sessions w/ Additional Support $875

This package I offer for those seeking devotion and dedicated to deep transformation. THis package also offer additional support. With this 2 month commitment you not only get 8 sessions (60minutes) you also get the additional support of texting/emailing Brooke with questions and support needs.

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Booke Package

What My Clients Say


Katherine Nies

My soul was thirsty to connect with other women. Brooke's nurturing and empowering presence facilitated a truly healing experience. Brooke has a gift for connecting the spiritual with the practical, allowing me to take the magic and integrate it in my daily life. Thank you, Brooke for leading us and gifting us with a deeper connection to souls and bodies

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