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*This is a recording of a past workshop


This creative workshop is for you if you're looking to start a journaling practice or if you're a journaler seeking to rejuvenate or expand you current journaling practice.


This workshop includes:


- Short movement & grounding exercise

- History, benefits, and various types of journaling we may use

- Specific prompts to invite inquiry, reflection, and setting tangible goals for empowered change in      your life

- Several journal prompts for you to utilize after the workshop has concluded

- Slides of information shared throughout the workshop

- Audio & Recording for repeated use and visitation


Participants keep gushing about how heart opening and empowering this workshop was for them. Journaling can be a doorway to our desires, needs, unlocking obstacles, and embracing a life we yearn for.


This type of work will be especially powerful for you if:


- You're going through a major life transition

- Are feeling stuck in life

- Want to begin a mindful daily ritual

- Seeking reflection on a certain event or relationship in life


Creative Journaling Workshop

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