What is 

Sound Meditation?

Sound Work has been called various things over time.

Whether titled as, “sound journeys”, “sound meditations”, “sound baths”, or “sound healing”... 

The use of sound has been used in many cultures as an aide, or curative tool, for thousands of years. Whether through mantras, medicine melodies, overtone promoting instruments, or Gregorian Chants........

Sound has been produced and utilized in various ways, but all for the same purpose:

to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance and alignment.

My work is about utilizing the language and color of sound to facilitate deep relaxation and enable self-exploration

through active listening.

Through guided breath work, meditation, and the dynamic use of intuitive soundscapes, I help participants to soften the body and bring awareness to their experience and person. This is an awareness building practice, to observe how sound affects our physical state, see what emotions may arise, and expand our greater consciousness.

This form of relaxation or “meditation” allows brain waves to slow down and shift into a deeper state of consciousness. When this happens, the heart and respiratory also slow down, allowing therapeutic effects. It’s when we are in this meditative, or dream-like state, that transformation and new perspectives may be gained.

Even though participants are in a relaxed state, this sound work is about empowering individuals to actively listen; for them to have agency over their experience as they journey inward for self-inquiry, self-discovery, and self-healing. 


What I offer is for anyone and everyone.

No meditation experience is needed.

There is no "right way" to experience this.

It is your body.

It is your experience.

It is your journey.


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