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How Do We Find Balance? PRACTICE

As the holidays approach and 2020 comes to a close, I find myself constantly having to remind myself that life is all about BALANCE. In a year where life has forced us to really examine our modes of operation, it's been a year to test our resiliency. It's been a year to truly let go and embrace a place of yin and yang. To recognize that REST is as productive as working. That empathy is as important as setting boundaries. That self-care doesn't just mean working out, and that things like anger - a neither good nor bad emotion - must be felt and released in order to transcend into compassion.

So, what does "practice" of balance look like? How do we obtain this middle ground of plus and minus?

It looks like taking the time and effort to be present and observant moment

to moment

to moment.

It means to work on consistently checking in with ourselves... to see where we're at and what we need. It means to recognize in a situation if we are avoiding a tough predicament or offering ourselves space for clarity. It looks like finding a ritual that allows us to practice self-compassion. It means acknowledging when we need to say no, and when we may need to allow ourselves to say yes.

Do you regularly offer yourself CONSCIOUS space and time for you? Do you have a daily practice of self-love and care?

These mindful acts, or tools, for growth are what allows us to obtain balance, clarity, and overall well-being. But it takes PRACTICE. You cannot just decide you want to run a marathon tomorrow if you've never ran a mile. It takes practice. Dedication. Devotion.

If you're looking to build a daily practice to enhance your spiritual self and develop balance, I would love to offer you a short breathing meditation HERE. I often tell clients that one of the easiest and most effective self-practices we can start with, is our breathing.

While the breath is part of the ANS (autonomic nervous system) and innately occurs, we can also bring our attention to it to bring ourselves to the present moment and recognize where we are at i.e. triggered, stressed, hurt, exhausted, fearful, etc. and gain agency.

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