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Rituals to Deepen Our Living

What do rituals mean to you,
and how do you welcome them into your life?

RITUAL: any established, ceremonial act, practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner or space

As many of you know, I practice rituals in full force in both my life and in my work. I feel that practicing rituals in our daily life invites us to embrace our humanity and deep living.

Rituals, or sacred acts, have been around for thousands of years; they're an important part of what makes us human!

Ritualistic living brings me a sense of grounding, connection, reverence, and allows me big hearted joy for L I F E :)

Rituals dwell in many spheres of life: in religion -or spiritual practices- but also in our communities, work, and home spaces.

I feel rituals are akin to an invocation or prayer.

Rituals signify a shift, change, gratitude, commitment, or union.

They honor the sacredness and beauty of what living means.

They also invite us to slow down and to be mindful in thought, action, heart, and being.

So, what rituals do you welcome and practice in your life?

Full moons invite us toward reflection, living in sync with nature, and toward ritual. This particular full moon in Leo brings us big feelings and invites us to ask ourselves, 'what is it thst makes us feel alive'. This is a great time to tune into our body and see what it's whispering to us. To find a quiet space so we may softly convene with ourselves and see how we might utilize our creativity toward action and leadership.

Right now is a great time to start a ritual practice if you do no have one in your life. Having rituals bring vibrancy, intention, and joy into our lives. Rituals cocoon action with intention. Intention flowers into connection. And connection is the seed of meaningful relationship.

So, if you're looking for more rituals in your life, answer the call of this Full Moon in Leo and I invite you participate in some of my regular rituals listed below!



- Find a quiet space in your house (this might be your altar space or a place in nature) and bring a journal, candle, favorite rock or crystal, and incense/burn bundle.

- Find a comfortable seat (or position that's comfortable)

- Light your candle and state an intention for this time with yourself. I.E. "May I welcome deep self-love and heart centered action." or "I'm worthy of rest & love" or "I invite my innate power to awaken and guide me."

- Hold this intention as you slowly close your eyes and begin to connect to your breath. Notice each inhale, and notice each exhale.

Follow the inhale as it enters through the nose and dissolves into the lungs. Follow the exhale as it exits the nose and dissolves back out into the air. (2 min)

- Bring your attention to your sitz bones. Feel the earth beneath you. Supporting you, holding you. Feel yourself connected and rooted to the earth. Breathe here at your sitz bones. (1min)

- Slowly start to envision a full moon at the base of your spine. See and feel it's cool glowing orb resting there and bathing the base of your spine with it's nourishing glow. (2min)

- Feel free to stay here as long as you like. When ready, slowly allow yourself to release the meditation and open your eyes.

- Grab your journal and free write or answer the following prompts:

1) Notice: what am I feeling in my body right here right now? (tense, calm, energized, empowered, shaken?) Where am I feeling it?

2) What practices might I welcome to nourish & feel deeper connection to this part of my body & being?

3) What narratives or patterns are keeping me from connecting to this part of my body and being? How might I let them go?

4) Check in with your body: Where do I feel the most at home and empowered in my body? In my life?

5) How might I welcome and nurture this empowerment more in my body & in my daily life?

6) What is 1 way I can commit to, right now, so I may support this feeling of divine empowerment in my body & being?

Other practices for (any) full moon:

- Set your stones and crystals outside to bathe in the moonlight

- Choose your favorite meditation before picking a card from a tarot or oracle deck

- Draw a bath with your favorite salts, dried herbs, light candles, bathe in it all!

- Find a local sound meditation or virtual experience to welcome deep relaxation and full body intention

- Walk in nature, under the moonlight. Do so in bare feet for added grounding and juicy connection

I hope some of these rituals offer you connection to the cycle of the moon, to yourself, and bring some joyful intention into your body and life!

Until next time...

be well,
brooke xo
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