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Releasing Expectations

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

My partner, Nick, and I decided this year we’re finally ready to go through that famous rite of passage: marriage.

We have been together for over 9 years and most of that time was in our 20s. Never in a million years would 20 year old Brooke have thought I would spend my vivacious 20s tied down to any man. I was always determined to be a free and independent woman without a man interfering with my feminine conquerings!

My oh my, how the universe has a sense of humor. Not only did I fall head over heals for this human at the age of 21, but I discovered I had found a partner who was willing to evolve and grow with me, while staying true to himself.

We can never know what the universe has in store for us. While I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, I think there is a key underlying component with that concept: we are too often fooled by our minds about what is best for us. When truly, life’s large decisions should come from the core - from our heart and soul.

I thought part of my journey towards self empowerment and discovery meant being alone and “free” of a partner. I didn't have to answer anyone or be distracted by their lives. Never did I fathom that I could find a partner that allowed me the space and time for self discovery and individual freedom, while holding loving space for me.

There is a reason for the phrase, “gut decision”. We each have the innate ability, without that right brain of ours, to make the best decision for us in every situation. Yes, the mind is great for so many tasks in life. But as a western society, we often give the mind more credit and power than it deserves.

The truth is, if we’re wholly in touch with ourselves, balancing a healthy spiritual, physical, and energetic practice, why should then our “gut feelings” be the best and most clear compass? Trusting ourselves is one of the hardest tasks humanity has to work on. That computer brain of ours is a great copout for making “important and logical decisions” because, hey a computer is accurate and precise, how could it be wrong?

When in reality, our heart is more capable of aligned and accurate choices for our lives. Just as long as we are tending to it. Just as long as we setting aside daily time to care for that precious, vivacious soul within these fleshed out temples.

It took me years to come to peace about how blessed I am. I used to almost be embarrassed to say how long we had been together at such a young age and not be married. Every journey is it’s own, and none of us should create expectations for ourselves, nor think our mind knows exactly what we need to grow and succeed.

I'm so blessed to have a partner for all these years, who’s grown with me, loved me, and challenged me. A partner who encourages self care and inward work. And I am grateful that we get to spend our lives together evolving with each other, loving each other, poking fun at each other, learning from each other, and holding each other accountable in a healthy loving space.

How can release expecatations of yourself? How can you let go of ideas that aren’t truly serving you? How can you welcome in the possibilities for a life you didn’t know could be that good?

Let in. Release. Let go.

With Grace and Resonance,


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