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3 Journal Prompts to Invite Change & Spark Creativity!

Over the years, research has shown that journaling offers us SO many benefits. Whether we're struggling with a transition in our lives, searching for heart-aligned goals, or seeking clarity of mind...journaling can offer support and guidance during these times.

I've been an avid journaler since I was young. Over the years, through self-discovery and creative workshops, I've uncovered many techniques (some more structured than others!) to connect to myself, values, and goals through journaling.

There are many methods of journaling and there is no "right way" to approach it. Journaling can be a form of meditation, goal setting, or introspection. It can also just be a fun practice to empower your inner creative! (And yes, we ALL have our inner creative who needs tending to!)

When I have a client who is wanting to begin a journaling practice, I often work with them to find certain prompts, or techniques, that will best benefit them. Again, there are many approaches to this work. The most important "ingredient" to this process is YOU and you're willingness to show up and explore.

If you've been wanting to develop a journaling practice, but you're unsure where to start- check out 3 journal prompts I've shared below. These are easy and accessible prompts that get your mind churning and help silence your inner critic that says things like: "you aren't a writer!" "You aren't good enough" "You aren't a creative person!" "What would you write?!"


This is a daily practice of listing all the thing you appreciate and you're grateful for in your life. This may sound silly or "basic", but by writing these things down, you uncover there is much more to be grateful for than you realize.

This brings an attitude of "abundance" into our daily mindset and reminds us of all the GOOD in our lives. You may have to start with just saying, "I'm grateful for my working legs, the air I breathe, that I am a free individual!" and expand into even more detail from there. List EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you are grateful for.

Afterwards, reread your list and notice how the body feels and how the mind reacts to seeing the things/items/people/actions/events you're grateful for. This is a profound practice I come back to often.


This is a journaling practice I most often utilize. It is very similar to Julia Cameron's method she uses in 'The Artist's Way'. Set a time fro 5-10 minutes and begin writing and DO. NOT. STOP. until the timer ends. Allow anything and everything to flow from your pen. DO. NOT. STOP. WRITING. Even if you write, "I don't know, I don't know..." over and over-that's great! This is to break past the inner critic or the narrative of "I don't know what to write".

Alllow yourself to fall unto the page: how are you feeling? what is going on in the room you're in? what's your day look like? DO NOT FILTER THIS PROCESS. No one is watching you, no one will read this. This is truly a practice to release the waters of our mind and allow the flow of creative thought. Allow. Allow. Allow.


This a really beautiful prompt when we are being hard on ourselves, struggling to open up in a new relationship, or needing to nurture deep love and care for ourselves. This is a practice to not only share & help boost our confidence, but gives us a platform to brag, YES BRAG, about ourselves and the things we've done. It can also be a space where we share a sadness or details about a tough time in our lives.

Whatever comes to mind, WRITE IT DOWN. Don't edit your word, don't shy away from what intuitively popped into your head. No one is reading this, it's for YOU. Let it come out through your pen and unto the page. Re-read this journal entry as if you were another individual and offer yourself loving support, compassion, or even praise!

One thing to be reiterated as you uncover a journaling practice, is that there is NO RIGHT WAY. The biggest and most important key is dedicate yourself to the practice and to let go of the critic. Journaling can help shift our perspectives so we can find new modes of operation that align with who we are.

I hope these prompts help you on your journey of journaling! If you're recalling wanting to dive in deep to this practice, join me for a Creative Journaling Workshop on Sunday, January 31st from 3-5pm EST.

Click HERE for more details

With grace,

Brooke xo

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