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The Power of Sound

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The power of sound is something we have all felt over and over again.

Dancing to your favorite band, sitting by the fire as a loved one strums the guitar, a flurry of chimes evoking nostalgia as you walk past a store - these are all moments of music entrainment. We are pulled toward the music, or sound, and it evokes a reaction or emotion within us.

Sound has been a part of almost every culture for thousands of years. A tool for storytelling, celebrations, and yes, even healing. Sound is a part of us, which is a primary reason we are so drawn to it's powers.

The human body is an orchestration of sound; heart pumping, blood flowing, breath gushing in and out. Our very beings create a sound that represents life. It should come as no surprise then, that sound has direct effects on our psyche and body. For centuries sound has been used as a gateway to meditation. To allow the body calm and relaxation so the nervous system and body may slow down and restore. Meditation is an act to quiet the mind to allow the expansion of consciousness. To throw away the "dictionary" to life and invite perspectives, feelings, "downloads" that we may not have experienced before.

My use of sound is to offer participants the space to soften their bodies and quiet their minds. By using conscious breathing and various soundscapes, we can allow a therapeutic effect on the body and psyche. We can allow space to re-pattern the nervous system.

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