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Coming Home

"Once you know how to come home to yourself, then you can open your home to other people because you have something to offer."

Just earlier today, after my mindful morning sit, I opened up Thicht Naht Hahns, 'How to Love' to these exact words. A big smile crept up my face.

The universe always seems to maintain a sense of humor; I had been diving DEEP into this idea in my self-work the past week.

I've been sitting with what it means to open that door-to myself. To hold understanding and compassion for myself. To allow space and time for the practice of observation and allowing. To sit with the uncomfortable, to understand the why...not just the what.

Where is your body at?

How is your breath?

How does that make you feel?

Why is it triggering? How can I better understand, or love, myself through this process?

I am developing a discipline that gives myself permission to process this beautiful life experience through self-sensing and awareness building practices: embodiment. When we allow agency toward the body, we uncover it's supreme intelligence. Going into the body is a vital part of embracing ourselves....for relinquishing...for evolving...for coming ourselves.

How do we achieve this? Through embodiment. Through self-awareness and mindful practices. That is how we come home to ourselves - to our bodies - to our being.

to embrace and acknowledge all aspects of ourselves...all the cracks, cobwebs, bright windows, rough the years of wear and tear. To embrace the worn down and the polished. This is how we heal from the inside out. Once we understand our "home" and how to care for it...then we can truly welcome others in and vice versa.

May be all find time in our lives for that home maintenance. So we may thrive. So we may grow. So we may be our truest and brightest selves.

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