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Love is Presence

Love is about continuously bringing ourselves to the present moment. Deep unconditional love is found by being present with yourself and with another. It occurs throughout mindful, present living. When we exercise the practice of presence, we exercise the practice of love.

So much of my personal practice has been focused on love, or metta, for self and for others. This practice of love invites grace. GRACE. Oh yes, we need the practice, the choice of love and grace in our country and society more than ever.

How do we practice this? We first must recognize what is keeping us from experiencing love and grace. The lack of love and grace often stems from not acknowledging what is present or currently happening in our bodies or our lives. We first must OBSERVE and then ALLOW what is happening in our psyche to live from a place of meat and authenticity.

I know for myself, that building this relationship with my own person is how I share any ounce of love and grace with the rest of the world. By offering Brooke deep unconditional love, is how I share it with the rest of the world. By loving myself is how I offer my partner (now husband!) deep unconditional love.

But first, we must examine. We must feel. We must experience all that is occurring in our mind, bodies, and hearts. We must understand and allow all the nitty gritty parts of ourselves. We have to constantly offer grace - sharing your authentic emotions while holding deep respect for others - in order to evolve and push forward.

I'm still reflecting and working on how how to do this. Everyday. Yoga is huge tool for me to understand how to open up the deep well within us that exudes endless, gorgeous, and ripe love.

Below is a photo from Nick and I's union from October 2nd. This small gathering of loved ones left my heart feeling so open and boundless. Love, deep unconditional and joyous love, was present. And it came from each and every individual, not just the marrying couple. We all came together in authentic and generous love to To celebrate each other. And it was beautiful.

Acts of love, whether big like a commitment of marriage, or reciting a mantra to yourself in the morning...are so important. And we receive and experience love, when we live life from a place of being present.

Practice presence ---> Practice love. And Live life fully. Experience life deeply.

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