"Only once we feel at home in ourselves,
do we feel at home in the world."

Are you feeling stuck or disconnected in life?
Then maybe it's time to pause and take a nuanced look a your whole self.

The core of my work is creating space and supporting those ready to 'get down and dirty' and examine the nooks and crannies of themselves.

This work fuses mind, body, and spirit. It's tough yet beautiful.

True living takes curiosity, vulnerability, and the willingness to shift how we live, so we can blossom into who we truly are: dynamic and intricate creatures.


Through mindful & awareness practices, I guide folx back home to their nature. This is where they find connection, clarity, and cause for their lives.


Hi, I'm Brooke!

I'm a certified yoga instructor,

sound facilitator,

and embodiment coach.

The heart of my work focuses on supporting and guiding folx toward living a fulfilling and connected life.

By igniting curiosity & awareness, I help individuals shift from a place of feeling "stuck" or lost, toward a life that supports and empowers them.

“Without learning to know ourselves as intimately as we possibly can, we limit our choices.

Life is not very sweet without freedom of choice.” 

– Moshe Feldenkrais




My style of coaching utilizes the body as a tool for you to develop and recognize how the mind/body connection can support and liberate you in your daily life.




"When we allow ourselves to get curious about who we are and how we operate, we invite ourselves toward deeper compassion and self-understanding.

This allows us to slowly thread together mind, body, and spirit - the truest form of living - and we begin to feel a full body "YES" in how we navigate and live out our lives.

Ready to stop feeling stagnant, stuck, and step closer to yourself and a life that supports YOU?

"Brooke is the most incredible facilitator.
I feel so seen and loved and encouraged in her presence." - workshop participant
I am so grateful for Brooke's wisdom, insight and guidance." - client
Brooke helped me discover parts of myself that have been buried under the weight of fear for a long time and I was then guided to help those parts come out to play!



We are all human, and sometimes when life gets frenetic and we get overwhelmed - we must pause, breathe, and remember to ground into who we are.


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