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"Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience."



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Hello! I'm Brooke

a certified yoga instructor & meditation teacher

I work with individuals to develop mindful & embodied practices, enabling them to live life from a place of empowerment, health, and over all well-being.

What is embodied practice? 

Embodiment is the felt sense of your body from the inside out. It's feeling and understanding who we are and how we operate physically, mentally, and spiritually. This work enables us to walk through life from a place of authenticity, awareness, and leadership.

By developing a relationship with self, individuals can reshape negative habits, re-pattern their posture, nervous system, improve their communication, release trauma, and find their inner voice. 


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Brooke's approach to yoga is from a somatic and exploratory lens. By connecting to the body's intelligence and working asana from the inside out, we allow conversation between mind and body.
Through this type of mindful movement, we can uncover and release deep rooted patterns, ailments, or trauma and gain alignment, balance, and overall well-being.


Sound is a powerful tool and a gateway to meditation.
While in a meditative state, the body slows down and relaxes allowing individuals to open, release, and heal. Through conscious listening individuals are able to rejuvenate body and mind.
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Our voice is our sacred sound.
It's our source of communication and connection. When we are disconnected from our inner voice -or inner truth- we lack clarity, direction, and sense of purpose. 
Unlocking your inner voice allows constructive communication and empowers individuals to operate from a place of authenticity and leadership.

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