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"Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience."


Hi, I'm Brooke!

I'm a certified yoga teacher, 

"embodied" life coach,

and energetic body worker.

Inspiring curiosity & mindful living through healing & self-connection is the heart of my mission.

I guide and support folx with therapeutic & embodied practices as they journey to befriend and re-connect to themselves.


This journey involves mindful inquiry; using creative and embodied practices allows us to feel from the inside out, who we are and what we needs nurturing in our lives.


From this place, we can shift narratives, uncover our innate gifts, mindfully set goals, and fluidly navigate life rooted in

w h o  y o u  t r u l y  a r e. 

My work is a collaboration effort. A unique and loving support container for you & your journey.

What is embodied practice? 

Embodied practice is developing a relationship with ourselves through mindful awareness. 

Embodiment is the felt sense of your body from the inside out.


It's about listening to what's happening in our vessel and connecting to the body's central intelligence.


It's  a whole & vibrant existence by releasing strain & effort and embracing relaxed alertness through sensing & feeling what's unfolding in the present moment by.


"Brooke’s energy is very vibrant and genuinely inviting. Speaking with her helps to provide me a bird eye’s view of my life, which is so helpful rather than feeling stuck “within” the circumstance at hand.  


She also inspires me to trust myself, and the process of life, in a deeper way. 


She truly cares, and her care is so medicinal on a soul level. Inspiration is inevitable in her presence! I highly recommend working with Brooke, she is a gifted sound healer, yoga teacher, & embodiment coach."  - Claire Bilbao | Eco-Therapist


Reconnect to Self

When life get's crazy, it's very easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, loose our center and even feel lost. 

I've created a small piece of support for you during such frenetic times :)


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Let's Work Together

Have you been feeling stuck, frustrated or disconnected from your body, self, or dreams?


If so,

let's chat to see if the gentle guidance and powerful practices I offer are the support you're seeking to shift into a career you love and life you're passionate about.

"Brooke is the most incredible facilitator.
I feel so seen and loved and encouraged in her presence. 
This journaling workshop helped me discover parts of myself that have been buried under the weight of fear for a long time and I was then guided to help those parts come out to play! 
I am so grateful for Brooke's wisdom, insight and guidance."

"Our bodies are intelligent vessels that carry our life story. Connecting to our bodies awakens our 

perception an draws us closer to the wisdom within ourselves.

From this place of deep listening and connection, you develop an intimate relationship with yourself. 

You invite your whole being to be a part of your daily existence. This allows us to uncover our deepest desires, move forward grounded in who we are, and live life rooted in abundance of possibility." - Brooke

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