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I can’t believe we are approaching not only the end of the year, but our presidential election.

2020 has been a whirlwind, to say the least, and I know I am feeling the angst of the overflowing agitations in our country and what seems to be a growing divide.

With the development of technology and social media, the underbelly of our system has come to the surface this year. We are being shown undeniable truths of injustice, suppression, inequity, and deep prejudice that stems from not questioning the ideas and “truths’ of our white forefathers.

Along with social justice coming to the forefront of (privileged) citizen’s minds, we have been challenged with needing to (mindfully) operate while in a pandemic. 

COVID19 has tested folks in numerous ways. Many folks have rejected putting the collective of our nation first. Many folks have had no choice but to return to work for employers who do not support their right to a healthy work environment. We have seen groups of people reject the evidence of science and scream for their rights while denying the innate rights of their neighbors. We have seen people refuse to listen, to engage...on both “sides’. We have forgotten we are ALL huan.

We are a nation divided. Afraid. Angry and hurt.

How, as individuals, and as a nation, do we try to remedy and rectify? To move forward? How do we develop EMPATHY and COMPASSION for even those we oppose? 

It is not easy. And the answer comes back to ourselves and the work and support we offer our own being.

I know there is a massive hype in ‘self-care’, mindful living, and yoga...but why is that? Why are so many different cultures, businesses, individuals, and even institutions...bringing mindfulness and self-investment into the lime light?

Because that’s where real change begins. W\hen we halt our routine of “life” and stop to check in with our bodies and hearts...we often find there are more wounds and fractals of hurt, anxiety, and sadness than we realize. When we hold emotions in the body, it affects not only our health, but our psyche and how we communicate with others.

Part of mindful practices is being honest, open, and communicative with ourselves. If we cannot hold this heart filled space for ourselves, how do we expect to do so for our neighbor? Our father? Our wife? Our employer?

We must develop tools, well...really a way of life, to support our well being. To support our future. Mindful practices of “tuning in” like yoga and meditation encourage us toward not just a healthy life, but a prosperous life. When I say prosperous, I do not mean in a materialistic since (Although it has been researched how mindful practices promote “success” in other areas of life.) I mean that our quality of life becomes more healthy. Balanced. Clear. Enhanced. Powerful. We begin to truly live.

One of my offerings is sound meditation. As many of my followers know and have experienced...sound is the gateway to meditation. I cannot emphasize this enough. Sound is a beautiful  and powerful tool to quiet the mind and bring our burbling high energy spirit back into the body. 

Want science about it? When we enter a meditation practice, our brainwaves literally slow down along with our respiratory system. This brings aide and healing qualities to the heart, mind, and promotes resiliency for individuals in high trauma situations.

With the election on November 3rd and the Full Moon in Taurus this evening...I felt it only appropriate to offer a sound meditation on November 2nd at 7pm EST.

This 1 hour session will include breathing exercises and woven soundscapes from tibetan, crystal bowls, ocean drum, and loopings of my cello. This meditation practice is for ANYONE AND EVERYONE. I cannot emphasize this enough. All you must do is listen judiciously with an open heart and mind. THink of it as a listening room experience in the comfort of your own home. Reclining back with eyes closed to fully be immersed in the experience.

When we gather, our effort, energy, or “mission” is enhanced. The focus for this meditation will be to practice love. To self. To others. To our nation. To promote healing and connection.

Please join me for this deep and wonderous work. RSVP on my events page and venmo @brooke-german (If payment is a hindrance to your attendance, please reach out to me directly. I never want anyone to be turned away or not participate due to lack of funding.)

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